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Powerful Affirmations for Feeling Good!

Powerful Affirmations for Feeling Good!

Affirmations for Feeling Good

Using affirmations for feeling good is an incredibly powerful tool. Happiness affirmations can (and will) change your life. The way you feel about yourself will change, and you will start to attract more of what you want in life.

Feeling good is about more than just being confident, or at peace with your inner self.

It’s about attracting positivity, and abundance into your life.

It's about noticing every little positive thing there is to notice.

It is one thing to be confident, it is another thing to feel powerful.

But it is an entirely different thing to feel good. To feel happy.

And that is what these affirmations are for.

So if you want to feel good, and you want to feel good NOW here are some affirmations to get you started!

  1. I feel great all the time!
  2. I am always happy and content!
  3. I love myself unconditionally!
  4. I am surrounded by positive people and energy!
  5. I attract only good things into my life!
  6. I am grateful for everything I have!
  7. I am always in the flow of abundance!
  8. I am healthy, happy, and whole!