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Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Other Totally Real Things

Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Other Totally Real Things

The world is your subconscious mind objectified. Whatever you believe to be real, can and must manifest itself into your physical reality.

Totally authentic lifestyle guru who is not trying to sell you anything.

Did your plane crash over the ocean during an adverse weather event? Should have had better thoughts. Idiot.

I think most of us can probably agree that our thoughts and self-image carry a significant impact on the world we currently occupy. However, once someone shows up talking about energy, frequency, and vibrations, I want to resort to a life of only believing what’s been peer-reviewed at least a couple of thousand times.

The truth is that there is some element of spontaneity and synchronicity within the events of our life. However, if someone says they have the recipe you should probably run.

Synchronicity: A concept coined by Carl Jung to describe circumstances that appear to be meaningfully related but lack connection. Also commonly used by snake oil salesmen and people who can’t shut up about positive vibrations.

  • People who are optimistic have better lives.
  • People who think positively see more positive things.
  • People who think positively live longer.
  • People who are negative have less money.
  • People who are negative suffer more health consequences.

All these observations make an idea like manifestation and the Law of Attraction seem pretty damn convincing or at least appealing right?

So… Is the Law of Attraction real? Is manifestation real?

You better hope it’s not. At least you better hope it’s not an actual law like gravity or conservation of energy. Otherwise, the next time you step onto a plane with a paranoid guy who is actively visualizing that crash in his brain out of fear, you’re done for.

And here lies the problem with all the people selling these ideas. They take a good idea and ruin it for everyone with a brain.

The content of your thoughts and feelings controls your life. And not just to a small degree. Mentally defeated people will fail while people who believe the best will happen will have much greater outcomes. Because they will actually try.

You don’t need a guy with a crystal necklace to sell you this though. It’s rather obvious that believing that a positive outcome will happen makes you infinitely more open to positive outcomes.

If you believed without even the slightest bit of reasonable doubt that you would be super successful at whatever you’re working on, you would walk, talk, and work like you were super successful. Eventually, something good would come from it and unless you truly sucked, you would see some solid results.

Contrast that with the person who believes the world is out to get them, that they were born with the cards stacked against them and that they may as well not even try. All their excuses may be valid. Their life might be 10000x harder than the average person. But ultimately all they are doing is stacking more cards against them because now the world and their mind want to see them fail.

We really want to be right about ourselves. Even if it hurts us.

But this goes far further than just this general concept that we can all get on board with.

Optimists, Pessimists & Hypochondriacs

People who are hypochondriacs and fear + visualize negative health are significantly more likely to face negative health consequences.

Researchers at the Norweigan Hordaland Health Screening Service and the University of Bergen concluded that those with health anxiety were 70 percent more likely to develop heart disease.

But is this caused simply by stress excreting cortisol into their body resulting in elongated periods of damage to the heart? Or is health anxiety able to manifest into its exact fears?

No idea. I couldn’t find the numbers.

According to one survey optimists are 7 times more likely to have better financial health.

Is that because of the Law of Attraction? By remaining positive did they manifest good things into their life or are they just optimistic because they aren’t dirt poor and therefore don’t hate the world?

Once again, no idea.

If someone gives you a conclusive answer, they are selling you something.

According to the same study, optimists are more likely to seek out financial advice. They are more interested in learning about money management and they are more likely to change their financial habits when needed.

It seems to reason that by seeing positive outcomes instead of negative ones they opened up an entire world of possibility to themselves as opposed to pessimists who shut the door before they ever gave it a chance.

Some would go as far as to say they manifested their positive outcome.

A million things are going on around us at any given moment. There is a near-infinite amount of stimuli we could be focusing on. Thoughts we could be having and ideas we could be entertaining. Of these things our mind filters a very small amount of it based on some criteria that we’ve created over our lives.

Those who have more positive criteria live in a world that is quite literally more positive.

Everything you see and feel is subjective, but not just obscurely subjective. It’s subjective based on who you are as a person.

If you believe you are a super socially confident person you are going to use confirmation bias to focus on the memories and events of your life to justify this self-belief. This is going to actually make you more socially confident.

In contrast, if you believe you are an anxious shy and awkward person you are going to remember every single awkward moment of your entire life (and there’s a lot of them).

Let’s do a little exercise to prove this.

Don’t be a lame pessimist and scroll by. Fill out this text field. Don’t worry I’m not recording it. Yet.

I want you to imagine what it would feel like to be a person who believes this to be true. So go for it.

Good things happen to me because the world is great! Good things happen to me because the world is full of good! Good things happen to me because I’m confident, free, and optimistic!

Spend a minute on it. Don’t continue until you have!

So… What do you think?

If this is how you thought all day do you think more good things would happen to you?

Do you think having this positive outlook would enable more positive opportunities?

Probably, right?

So, is this confirmation bias, or is the law of attraction true? Can you manifest anything just by the contents of your self-belief.

Yes, the law of attraction is real and manifestation is real. At least to some extent. The extent to which it’s true is up for debate. No, you can’t “manifest” a parking spot, that’s called a coincidence. I’m sorry, you didn’t do that with the power of your subconscious mind. The guy just happened to leave when you showed up.

But by changing your self-beliefs your world will change around it.

Give it a try.

Instead of constantly resorting to negativity, train yourself to have positive core beliefs. If you feel you are a confident person you won’t turn away from positive opportunities that can manifest themselves into positive life circumstances.

If you believe you are positive your mind won’t hyper-focus on all the negative elements of your reality thus growing them in your limited perspective.

How Do You Manifest Something?

To manifest something into your life you need to find a core belief associated with this outcome. Do you want to manifest your dream body? What elements of self-belief and personality would need to be true for this to happen?

  • Why do I only eat healthy food?
  • Why do I love to exercise?
  • Why do I always work towards attaining my dream body?
  • Why do I never give in to temptations that affect my health negatively?
  • Why do I use NeuralShifter’s Health category every day?

Reprogram and shift your mindset into that of a person who believes all the things necessary to have whatever it is that you are looking to manifest.

Do not allow yourself to become discouraged. Reserve your judgment and go on practicing this new image of yourself. It takes time.

All your volitions to act, feelings, emotions, and behavior are consistent with your self-image.

Change your self-image and you will change your reality.